JustCallDude is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.
We're proud to offer a wide range of professional services that are truly wide scope.
We're the company you call when even your IT company can't get it done.
We're the most well rounded professionals you'll find in this industry. Truly professional figure it outters.
If we can't figure it out, you really must have a problem. 

History: JustCallDude, LLC was founded by Cody Nubel in September 2022. It didn't start there though. For the past decade Cody managed several companies IT departments, product development departments, technical support for hundreds of professionals globally and custom installations for hundreds of clients both part-time and full-time - until it was eventually time to start something of his own with less restrictions than working for someone else. 

Cody wanted to create something fun, more personal, straight forward and affordable and most importantly done right. Bypassing all of the subscription services business models, unless necessary for the truly best results. Always approaching each jobs with a buy once cry once mentality firstly, using premium products that are based on technical specifications and facts - no marketing gimmicks and within the projects budget/scope of work. Cody was tired of unscrupulous business who justify using national security risk manufactured products for profits, putting customers on unnecessary service and warranty plans and risking their livelihood and wanted to do something about it.

Always wanting to create a company that would be nationally known, Cody created JustCallDude.com a catchy phrased company that would people would remember when they need help. With the extensive experience to build out any project and resources to finally get the company going , JustCallDude.com was born and there's not stopping it now. 

We like having fun, if you actually read this page - thank you! let sales@justcalldude.com if you are ready to purchase and we'll apply a discount on your next order.